Dos Panchos is open! And we'd like to hire a few more servers!

We're looking for experienced lservers to help with our growing business.

This restaurant will require staff with:

  • Genuine enthusiasm for organic, wildly kind customer service - we want our personalities like our food: REAL
  • Reliable, team focused mentalities - no one is an island. We do it together, or not at all
  • Passion for something new - this is a labor of love. And we need people who can buy into our ethos

Dos Panchos Mexican Grill and Tequila Bar will bring a refreshing take on the Tex-Mex items you know and love with strong influences from the cuisine of central Mexico. And the bar is no joke because we’re getting real with Tequila. Margaritas baby! Fresh shaken and flavored frozen margaritas for traditional tastes along with serious tequila cocktails setting current trends. If you're looking for something different in an industry full of the same old things, come talk to us. We'd love to meet you!